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Featuring Maltese Businesses, products, services and general information

All Malta Online is one of our popular geographically specific publications. Established in 2009 the publication has grown yearly in traffic and continues to serve useful content on a wide range of interesting topics. The website is segmented into three separate online publications.

All Malta Business

The All Malta Business section features full length business profiles providing information about local businesses. All Malta Business features most of the leading businesses in Malta, covering all the major sectors.

All Malta Products and Services

This publication focuses on providing detailed information about products and services, each article is specifically written to ensure that our readers get the information required to make a buying decision.

All Malta Magazine

The magazine section on the other hand provides a wide variety of general interest articles. Our writers publish anything from product comparisons to information about Films and TV series that have been shot in Malta such as the ever popular Game of Thrones, World War Z and many others.

All Malta Online Basic Figures

<h4>Facebook: 33,000+ Fans</h4>


<h4>Google Webmasters: 1,000,000+ Monthly Search engine impressions | Average position 7.6</h4>

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