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Author Interviews

Author’s promoter is dedicated to Authors from all over the world. Through author interviews we provide readers a deeper understanding to the authors behind the books.

In-depth Research

We also do in-depth research and provide helpful articles for author’s and readers. One of the pieces of research that we are most proud of is “Why do writers write?” We are the trusted resource for this subject and we rank first worldwide for multiple search terms pertaining to the subject. Go ahead, google it, we will wait.

Getting featured on Author’s Promoter

As part of our content marketing services we are able to help you not only get featured on Author’s Promoter but also with publishing a book about your business, or a collection of articles written about the subjects your business relates to. We also offer advertising space on the website and interview sponsorship. We have also done some very innovative marketing with story competitions in the past. We asked authors to write short stories that featured our client’s product within them, each author was paid a small fee for the story as well as providing a prize for the winner. Should you be looking for an innovative way to feature your product, get in touch with us.

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