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Let’s talk about your perfect customers … are they online?


Do they search? 


Let’s talk about your presence online.



Where are your customers? Should you be on Facebook or Snapchat; Linked-in, Youtube?

We can help you identify where you will be most effective. By understanding where your customers are and where they want to be contacted. 


What types of content should your business focus on?

Should you be creating short or long articles? Detailed product videos or quick slideshows and spec sheets? Search engine optimized content or viral worthy social media posts?


Who are you? Are you fun and friendly or professional & factual? Do you present the same identity everywhere or are you adaptable?

Do you talk about yourself or are you talked about? Whose talking? Industry experts, satisfied customers …


When do you share your message? Daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, by season or event? 

When during the day do you post? Is it while people are at work, lunch break, early morning, late afternoon? When is the best time to reach your customer? 


Why are you in business? Why are you sharing content and telling people about your business? Why is your product or service great? Why should customers choose you?

Why should people pay attention to your content? Why is the most important question of all. What is your purpose? 



Content Marketing Specialists

International & Multi-Industry
Our clients are spread throughout the world and our content writers are skilled in working with and writing for a variety of businesses. Our clients range from international Fashion brands to local service providers that provide services such as plumbing or electrical works to their community.

Strategy and Advice

Content Creation

Operate our own Successful Publications

Create content for Multiple Publications

Content Distribution

Search Engine Marketing and Optimization

  • Social Media Organic
  • Pay per click / Pay per metric Online Advertising
  • Email
  • Traditional

Why we do content marketing

Our leadership is made up of entrepreneurs from different industries and we truly have a passion for helping businesses succeed. Products and services excite us and we absolutely live and breathe sales and marketing especially online. We love communicating our client’s message to the right audience and our energy is contagious. We do what we do because we love it and because it pays.