Let’s talk about your perfect customers … are they online?

Do they search? 


Content Marketing

Content Marketing Specialists

International & Multi-Industry, our clients are spread throughout the world and our content writers are skilled in working with and writing for a variety of businesses. Our clients range from international Fashion brands to local businesses catering to their communities. 

We provide:

  • Strategy and Advice
  • Content Creation
  • Content Distribution


Why we do content marketing

We truly have a passion for helping businesses succeed. Products and services excite us and we absolutely live and breathe sales and marketing especially online. We love communicating our client’s message to the right audience and our energy is contagious. We do what we do because we love it.

Content Marketing Cycle


Each cycle normally revolves around the CONTENT (normally an article), based on the research from the campaign base we generally start with a bit of research for the specific article and where it will be published.

Our content specialist will then create the content, next the content is search engine optimized and also optimized for impact, making it more shareable and catchy.

The content is then published (we publish on our own publications as well as many others such as medium.com, linkedin.com, wikihow.com etc) each article is only published on one media to avoid duplicate content which is heavily penalized by search engines.

Your content is shared through various channels Facebook, Twitter, Stumble Upon, Linked in, Youtube, Email we use both our channels and yours. (eg. your website, your Facebook etc)

Promotion & Advertising, this is normally customized to your needs and budget however all articles receive at the very least a small advertising campaign on social media which is included in the cycle price; some clients also add SMS, Google Ads, FB Ads and Email Blasts at an extra cost.

Maintain, the content is kept live for a guaranteed period of 52 weeks after publishing date and will continue to generate sales and brand awareness.

Evaluate; at the end of each cycle we evaluate the results before proceeding into the next campaign cycle.